The Mother from Afar

Wishing you all mums a Happy Mother’s Day and if your not by Her side today, from no fault of yours, be it family honour, betrayal or a passing, you will survive as your a survivor. Just remember it wasn’t image

Her fault either, Family honour to her meant something different in the days of the past and if you are a mother yourself now, you will do things differently as you would have learned from the mistakes that were made by the elders and Her.

To us #survivors, events like Mothers Day do

take us back to that dark place but we are made of strong substances and we always bring ourselves back to the present, the now, the happy place that we made for us, our happy environment.

Have a great day and if you are a mother, you are blessed as God gave you that role, live it wisely, live it honestly, live it with care.

Love Sara Khan

My Love For Allah

For me love is a everyday thing and not just this one commercial day. The love that I feel for Allah is such a beautiful feeling and that warmth that he returns back is just amazing. Him and me will always have this bond of being together as one. Then there is his creations, the ones that hurt me but for the sake of Allah, I will always forgive them for their actions towards me and having Allah’s love will overpower that hatred into this loving feeling of compete protection.

If you are celebrating Valentines Day, have a great day with the one you love and do think about what the word love means to you. As love has many meanings and in my life the love that I have for Allah will always stay strong and you too will find your whys.

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What Are the REAL Odds of Being a Successful Author?

Great advice for all writers.

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Image via Flikr Creative Commons Hakan Dalstrom Image via Flikr Creative Commons Hakan Dalstrom

I didn’t even consider becoming a writer until 1999 after my father passed away suddenly. Funny how death can make us take a hard look at life, right? Anyway, I recall feeling soooo overwhelmed. I mean my odds of even getting published were about as good as winning the lottery. And the odds of becoming a best-selling author? Well, mathematically speaking, I had a slightly greater chance of being mauled by a black bear and polar bear on the same day.

It was all I could do not to give up before I began.

But, after over 14 years doing this “writer thing,” I have a new perspective. Often it feels like we are the victims of fate, at the mercy of the universe, when actually it is pretty shocking how much of our own destiny we control. The good news is that…

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The Others

Good morning,

Observe others as they enter your space, do help them but also do try to feel the energies that they come with too and if someone’s presences makes you uncomfortable, step away from them.

Have a great day and don’t forget to monitor the energy that surrounds you too and always try to build it to the highest level possible.

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Lost Their Lives For Us

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    They sacrificed their lives, for us to live in a peaceful way and to have a life that wasn’t surrounded by violence. But what have we done? We’ve continued to fight wars and cause havoc for millions of deprived civilians all around the world.

    We’ve destroyed our Creators beautiful landscapes that he created for us to enjoy in this lifetime, as some of his creations chose greed before peace.

    Those that lost their lives in these so called wars, their souls will be looking down on us and be so disheartened to see that the world learned nothing from their sacrifices, their lost lives.

    Sending loving prayers to everyone that has lost a dear one in the name of war.

    I’m praying that peace will win this game of greed and war.


    Sara Khan

The Visulation of that Transformation

imageIn your life you will see many premonitions, little visions of that future and what is to enter into your life. But our creator will only give you snippets of what is to come your way and they will be in many ways. They can come in dreams, your travels or on bill boards but you as the owner of that shell that we call a body has the responsibility of the transformation of that life as it takes place, a duty of care to make the right choices.

Have a great day, your life is your premonitions, as you work with the universe and you are in charge of the transformation that will take place by your visulations.

Love Sara Khan