Welcome to my world, a world that is full of peace and harmony. I am a free spirit that is in touch with her inner self, as that is where the soul resides, that travels back home. I can reach deep down and connect to the child within. My goal is to show others, that they too can do this, as that is where all the answers lay.

I was guided by the spirit world, that inner thought to write my first book, life does get better, yes it did and peace within is found again, yes I did find that peace within. What a journey I have had and grown into this amazing spiritual woman. I don’t recognize the person that once was in my shoes, as I have changed so much. I was told by an angel that appeared in front of my eyes to love myself, and at the time I had no idea what she meant. In time I have learned to put me first, my dreams and my ambitions. They were mine and I was responsible for the destiny that my creator had created for me to live and learn from. I could have chosen an easy life, listened to loved ones and lived the life that they wanted me to live. Carrying that hurt, pain and sadness for the rest of my living days. But I chose the new me, although there were more tears as I walked my path and they were a blessing as I grew spirituality from the lessons that came my way. It’s good to release those hidden tears as they are a gift, not everyone can shed tears and I feel lucky that I am able to. So I followed my heart, my dreams as that was my responsibility to my inner soul and my heart’s desire. With each step that I took on this amazing ladder of life I was rewarded gifts of pure love. Of the many gifts, there was love from complete strangers who was following every word that I would write on a well known network site and my blogs. It was giving them hope and helping them in their lives. This gave me encouragement to dig deeper into my inner soul and reach deep down to search for more of these hidden words. I actually loved this amazing responsibility that was bestowed on my shoulders as I integrating with souls from all walks of life. I could help the world with the words that my guides were giving me. Small sentences became paragraphs, and in time stories that encouraged others in their daily lives.


5 thoughts on “HOME

  1. So many of the bloggers that I follow are followers of yours and most are active in their personal ‘Mission” Please tell us that your two boys are inclined to be as courageous as you are.


    • Kenny, my boys are aged 7 and 9. A little bit young, but I do try to teach them as I travel this journey. They don’t understand yet, but one day me and hubby will sit them both down and tell them my story.


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