Festive Greeting’s

imageSending festive greetings and it’s traditional to exchange gifts at this time of year but they can come in varies forms. Love, affection (hugs) and just being there for those that need that someone to be there for them at a time when every one is surrounded by Family.

Occasionally you will come across a stranger that might need that one person that will deliver these qualities to enter their life for that short period of time for them to feel for themselves and if you are able to, give them some of these things that you hold so dearly in your heart.

So my message for this festive season is, look out for that stranger that enters your life, as they don’t come on their own accord, they are sent from God for you as His helper on this earth plane to help them onto the next step of their journey of life, that inner healing to take place.

“I won’t be posting as much this festive season as God has given His helper this time to rest, as she’s not fully recovered from her operation. So please bare with me, as I take this quality time to recover and get back to my normal self again”!

Lots of blessings Sara Khan and Family.


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