Maybe us Girls are ment to be the ones that are ostracised


This morning I decided that I wasn’t going to talk about Rahksha Badhan anymore as I had come to a point in my life where it didn’t really bother me. Which it doesn’t, as it’s in my past and I would love to leave it there but that choking feeling in my throat is still with me. After all my love that I shared with my siblings was real and so beautiful. Then there’s those that don’t really understand why I send blessings on this day because I’m a Muslim and I shouldn’t be doing it. But I ask myself, why did Allah put me in a Hindu household and introduce me to the many special occasions that I’ve celebrated with loved ones that are no longer at my side. That deep love, those feelings that I still have for them all is still bedded in me. Wish I could wipe my heart clean of the love that I have for my blood family but it’s just not possible.

Maybe us girls are meant to be the ones that are always the one that are ostracised and I should just get over it, after all I am the lucky one that escaped and found a new happy life.

Love Sara Khan


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