The Mother from Afar

Wishing you all mums a Happy Mother’s Day and if your not by Her side today, from no fault of yours, be it family honour, betrayal or a passing, you will survive as your a survivor. Just remember it wasn’t image

Her fault either, Family honour to her meant something different in the days of the past and if you are a mother yourself now, you will do things differently as you would have learned from the mistakes that were made by the elders and Her.

To us #survivors, events like Mothers Day do

take us back to that dark place but we are made of strong substances and we always bring ourselves back to the present, the now, the happy place that we made for us, our happy environment.

Have a great day and if you are a mother, you are blessed as God gave you that role, live it wisely, live it honestly, live it with care.

Love Sara Khan