Our Children Of The World, Our Future of Today

As we send our children to school, we must remember that our children are the future and what we mould into them today, that will be their future tomorrow and the making of them.

They are the new generation who will take us the new human race into the future of love and peace, God willing. At the same time lets not forget children in war zones, and poverty who want to go to school but are faced with acts of violence, hunger on a daily basis.

May all the children of the world fulfil there dreams to go to school in peace & harmony and where there is no violence, no hunger and no poverty.

We will see love and peace in this life time as it’s written in our destiny to create and deliver this divine that the world desires.

We can only achieve this if we as a nation realise what is going on and create harmony between us colour creed all one.

Have a great day and keep the future generation in your prayers. May they always live surrounded by love and harmony.

Love and Peace

Sara Khan


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