There Truly is No Justice for Victims, but there is Survival

Sara Khan

Someone said to me few weeks ago there is no such thing as justice. I just looked and thought, yes there must be. But he was right, there is victims all around the world suffering! But we are no longer victims, we are survivors who’s tears have being heard. We are no longer oppressed and have survived the pain, sadness and guilt that was put in our life. We shouted, spoke out, told a loved one and fought for that peace that we truly deserved. But there comes a time, when you have looked at every avenue, searched more clues and again there is that word ” family honour” and your back to the first step. Then you think, maybe there really is no more fight to win, even with new evidence as that word “family honour” well it just won’t let you win. Then, you do think, what know!…

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