The Answers Are Within You

To those that aren’t feeling this happiness that I feel everyday. All the answers that you search are within you and you too will get there. I’m just like you, searching for those profound questions and I work extra, extra hard to find the answers that I search. I have no one close that helps me, I truly have no one that holds my hand or guides me. I find the courage within, as I am responsible for me and I have to be brave, as no one is going to do it for me. All I do is ask, even if I get no responses, I keep moving forward as someone will stop to answer my questions. Then there is my creator that guides me via thought, those inner feelings that I feel and I then find the strength to act. I do always take action as I have so much faith in the higher power and my guides that direct me in life.

So to those that are feeling sad, lost and not at this happy stage in their life. You have to pause, look deep within yourself and you too will find that you already have the answers that you have being searching for all your life. Just needs you to be brave and you too will find that strength to take that next move.

Love Sara Khan



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