To become a philosopher, pick a subject and learn it.

In life you will come across a person that will guide you and it’s up to the receiver to take on this advice or let it slip. I will always be in debt to my lovely friend for telling me to write my thoughts down. It is because of her words to me that I am on this journey of a lifetime, as I listened to what she had to say and I will always be so grateful.

So if I give you advice, I do it from my heart because I know what it feels like to be in your situation as I’ve being there and I want to see you happy, like the way I am.

Sara Khan

imageI was talking to a well dressed gentleman who had walked into my office one day and he said he was a philosopher in science. I do intend to ask my people what they do, its not being nosey, I’m just interested. I listened in excitement to his stories and what he had being doing that day. He was full of life and happy that I was asking so many questions. I do have this gift where I can talk to complete strangers and by the end of our conversations we do become friends. As I found his subject interesting, I then asked him how I could become a philosopher, as it sounded so fascinated? His words to me were; “pick a subject and learn it” and thats all it is. So later I spoke to my college’s of this conversation and my wish to become a philosopher and they…

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