Last night I saw my guide and my baby that I lost 4 years ago

I went to bed around 5 o’clock yesterday and woke up at 11pm, I felt peckish so made myself some toast. (Ok I was tired).

I did finally go upstairs to bed but I felt someone had carried me up the stairs and put me into bed. I saw a squiggly animal, very bushy. This thing was rubbing against my body. I asked if it was from the light. It said no so I said can you go away. It went after I had asked it twice.

I wasn’t scared, as all night; I had been asking my guide to help me with my fear. This is when my guide stepped in. I had seen her once before. She said well done for asking it to go away. I was awake, as I was talking to her with my mouth open. I asked her if she has been with me all my life. Before she could answer, I heard a child calling mummy, mummy excitedly like he was pleased to see me. I saw this lovely 4-year-old dressed in cream. He looked like my two sons. I picked him up and put him in my bed with me and my guide. I thought it was my baby but it wasn’t, I then realised my children were fast asleep and could not have got out the room as I had a safety gate there. Then all of a sudden they both went. And I was left wondering about my baby that I had lost a few years ago. Just glad I met him, was nice and sad at the same time. I was fully awake when all this happened. I did not doubt myself as I normally do.


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