My Peace Letter of Change to All World Leaders

Where are these world leaders? How can we sit in our homes and try to have a normal life when the world is being destroyed in front of our eyes. Feeling for Gaza and praying that Allah sends someone that can help them.

Can you all read my letter of peace and in your mind, think of a leader and hope that this message reaches his soul.

Insha Allah, God willing.



Sara Khan

16 July 2012
8th July 2012-07-08

Dear respected leaders of our world,

I am writing to all of the one hundred and ninety-six world leaders of my message which I have been guided by our Creator to pass to you and your people of my desire to create peace amongst you and the good people of your country. There is a lot of hatred and crime in the world we live in today. When our Creator made us this wonderful world, He put in beautiful landscapes, the freshness of the breeze for us to feel, and food to stimulate the soul; the nutrients we need for us to gain energy. He wanted us to experience this wonderful gift to gain knowledge and to explore, but man has destroyed all this to fulfil his greed instead of cherish the greatness of it. If we don’t wake up in the period of…

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