Eid Mubarak And Please Remember The Oppressed In Your Prayersi

As we celebrate Eid, there will be empty spaces, missing loved ones that are no longer with us. They might not be here amongst us in person but their soul will imagebe at our side. Watching us as we prepare our feast for our family members. Look out for that breeze, that smell and that touch as that will be them. I know it won’t be easy as those memories will still be there. For most, it will still be fresh and very painful as not much time has passed. But you hold them memories close to your heart and you send out loving thoughts, wish them Eid Mubarak as they will hear your thoughts.

I’m sending healing prayers to everyone who is feeling a loss at this blessed time and our Ummah’s in third world countries that are faced with difficulties. Thoughts are very powerful and will travel miles to the recipient. So please stand with me as I send out loving prayers to everyone who is grieving at this special time and those that are facing difficult times.

La ilaha illa Allah


Love Sara Khan


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