Memories that once was, Rakhi

This picture does bring back memory’s, as I never got this but you do get over it. I remember a few years ago on Rakhi, I sat in my bedroom crying my eyes out as my brothers meant the world to me. Not one of them called me or came to see me on this special day. I was their elder sister, that I thought they loved with all their heart. Then I thought to myself, why am I putting myself through this pain again. They lost out on the new me that you all now of today. I lost my blood brothers that day, but gained new brothers all around the world that mean more to me as they understand me. Life can be hard, but never let go of the one you love, as one day it will be too late. I have moved on with my life and stopped grieving for what was once. Even if they did come back it will be too late as when I needed them most they weren’t there for me. There does come a time, when you stop asking for help! Them cravings do stop and you do forget!

Before anyone makes assumptions please read my book. I kept quiet for 40 years so my brothers could have a better life and when it was my turn they all walked away.

Rakhi Bandhan is a Hindu festival when you tie a thread on your brother’s hand. It is to show each other your bond that you share, that deep love.

I was born an Hindu.

Love Sara Khan



One thought on “Memories that once was, Rakhi

  1. Reblogged this on My Spiritual Awakening From Within and commented:

    It’s being four years to this day that I’ve not had communication with my siblings and I can happily say, time does heal that broken heart. It’s healed so smoothly that I even forgot this beautiful day was yesterday, but it can’t be forgotten as it’s so special, so I’m celebrating it with you all today.

    Happy Rahki to all the brothers and sisters of the world. May your love continue to develop and mine distantly, as memories is all I have left now.

    When you find that you have no one, just remember that Allah will never leave his creation to deal with the battles that you face on a daily basis. So never ever feel that your on your own, as that will never be the case.

    Love Sister Sara


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