We are all travelers on this journey of life

This land that we are living on, does not belong to anyone but Allah, we are only here as visitors and we will all return back home and move on to an even better place, the afterlife. Insha Allah, God willing.

Sara Khan

We are all soul travelers on this journey of life, some souls we will meet and some we will walk on by, or miss accidentally. But we have all come to earth to learn the vast amount of knowledge that this world has to offer us and we will be taking the teachings back to heaven, that place, that home that will be rewarded to us for eternity. 
As you travel on this path, always feel and observe your fellow travelers auras, that deep feeling as they will bring you the little teachings for you to learn from. Ask as many questions as possible and without hesitation, as that one answer might be the changing of you. With the information that you receive, pass it on to the next traveller that crosses your path, so they too can learn and pass onto the many travelers passing them too. 
You will…

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