For Jumma, try your best to turn hatred into love

There is a lot of hatred in this world that we live in today. If we want to see change, we ourselves need to be brave and change the ways that we think. Nothing is going to improve until we learn to respect and value each other. If you carry on showing hate, that is what the universe will give you back in return. Change your negative words into ones that our creator will be proud to hear from his creations, make them positive, make them with love.

This life is a test set before us by God and he is watching the actions that we are all displaying. You might have enemies in this world today, but you must not show hatred towards them and instead shower them with loving thoughts as you must bear in mind, this world isn’t your final destination.

The world leaders think they have power, but nothing in this world is more powerful then the thoughts that we send out, as that is our connection to our higher self.

Love Sara Khan



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