Always please your creator, as you will be spending rest of your life with him

Always please Allah (God) and not the Duniya (World), as this place on earth isn’t the final destination, the afterlife is the one that you will call home for eternity.

Alhamdulillah (الحمد لله)



2 thoughts on “Always please your creator, as you will be spending rest of your life with him

  1. Hi Sara, I wanted make sure that you to see an old book review that I did some years ago. I’m posting it on my blog site nex. Here it is. Manji’s manna, November 22, 2011
    By new author
    This review is from: Allah, Liberty and Love: The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom (Hardcover) In the desert of bewildering unanswered questions about the silence of the Moslem lambs, Irshad Manji provides an oasis of testimonials from young Moslem heroes who risk, literally everything to question the “Tribal customs” of her religion. She offers Manna to be gathered twice on Sunday even, to all who have asked the question, “Why have the moderate Moslems not spoken up about the violence against the whole world?” Her quest for peace is with the courage of medal of honor recipients‘. To be preaching with the fervor and with the do or die mentality, is now natural to her. She has not been chastened by all the death threats to her and her family. Her writing is just superb, and explosive ‘sound bites’, for want of a better expression, spontaneously bring instant smiles the way fireworks do upon exploding. Sooner or later, the Megalith media will gravitate to her cause, our cause; the yearning for world wide peace. Then the heroes of the peaceful Moslem world will forgive the media for not helping in the courageous peaceful awakening of an increasing few, moving to acts of heroism for the benefit of all mankind.
    Blessed be the peacemakers of the world. This is a superbly written and inspiring book.
    Ken O.McIntosh
    Author of “Deadly!Deadly Serious Comedy and Comical Calamity”


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