A Birth in Gaza


To those unknowing of my childhood my enigmatic and disconnected behaviour must have seemed odd and possibly uncivilised. In youth I could not see beyond getting by and surviving day by day; ‘learning’ was another country where less damaged people lived. I was busy trying to fly that alien craft I was to discover was myself. Sometime after youth I became aware I was a bruise, and every touch hurt me: intimacy, my most desired wish remained my deepest fear. In time, looking around me I saw that everyone has their bruises, and understood like me, that to a greater or lesser extent our limping and imperfect journey to a fog-bound destination was marked by the need for self-protection. Those marks, invisible to the naked eye, were our unspoken history, not recorded in those smiling photographs taken on the beach, sitting beside the man who abused you when the lights went out, or…

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All I can offer Is my Beautiful Thoughts

gazaLooking at my children and I cant get the images out of my head of all these children in Gaza who are stuck in this war with no fault of their own because of someone’s greed.

I have nothing to offer them, but my prayers and these beautiful thoughts that I am sending their way constantly.

Allah came into my life and I was reborn

Had a word go through my mind, new beginnings and it sure will be. This is the start of this amazing new journey… Let’s see what Allah has in store for me.

Sara Khan

Feeling so blessed right know and this deep feeling is so intense. Can’t explain how I feel but it’s out of this world. Maybe it was meant to end like this but I feel this is just the beginning of my new life. Got so much to learn and live for. I urge you all to listen to that gut and listen to that lost voice as you will be rewarded. I’m sure collecting mine and it’s not wealth but pure inner peace.

Sara Khan

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