I would like to wish everyone a Blessed & Fruitful Ramadan

I would like to wish everyone a Blessed & Fruitful Ramadan. May it be a joyous month, a month of being even closer to Allah and to feed your soul with beautiful words, in order for it to develop spiritually to a point that you will feel energised within. When you do reach that joyous point, that deep inner awakening, do not leave that feeling in this blessed month. Carry that sensation, that gift and treasure it for the rest of your living days so that you can take it back home with you when you meet your creator.

We all know there is suffering all around the world and our creator has put most of us in a good position that we are able to offer help, be it in wealth or in prayers. Do not display negative images of our Muslim Ummah’s as what you put out is what you attract back for them. This is the time to show the positive side and help them by showing that you can play a role in changing their lives for the better.

May Allah accept everyones fasts and may he purify your intentions so the rewards can be multiplied in triple numbers for you to feel forever.


Love Sara Khan



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