My Hijab and my closeness to Allah, my creator

One of my dreams was to become a priest, to spread peace and to lead others onto this beautiful path.

Received this comment:

“Too bad that anyone has to go through such soul searching before letting the world ‘acknowledge’ on sight,- – there goes a person who wants nothing but to love mankind and be loved in return. But on thinking about it I have come to realized that ‘Priests’ literally go to college to do what you are doing on your own,(with the blessings of Allah of course ), and by the time they get their ‘Habit and collar’ they have been weaned into public service. Are you special or what?

Sara Khan

I met a brother a few years ago and when I was leaving he touched my head. In Asian culture that indicates that his giving his sister respect, a blessing. Was really heart warming and he didn’t have to do that. I love helping and never ask for anything but means so much when you are given respect.
That day, that beautiful moment, I decided I must cover my head as it felt so bare. Never knew in a million years that I would become closer to my Deen. Allah wrote my destiny and he is guiding me by thought, feeling so proud of myself; my heart is crying tears of a new life, that joy. 
Allah (God) will never let me walk alone and will be there, every step of the way, as I’ve just entered the Islamic path a few months ago.
My head felt so bare. I…

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