Hand in hand with Joy!

My end message is rejoice in all mankind and our creators message is also the same.

Beautifully written and I’m glad that you are all still friends.

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This post goes hand in hand with Sara Khan’s inspiring posting of 6/24/14: ” Rejoice yes you can ” on her site ‘My spiritual awakening from within.’

When I was 9 years old he was my best friend, he was the best man at my Wedding when I was 27. He was muslim. His name was Ali. His house was less than 100 yards from ours. His oldest sister was my first girl friend. I could run down a roster of childhood friends, friends to this day who were/are Muslim.Names like Hassanali, Ragunan,Gobin ,Balgobin, Rafik Poolol, Khan, Aboud Teeluxsingh, Gopool, Shah, Abdul ,Habib, Kumar, Battoo, Ramsaran, Ramjattan(Bat ears)Nadur, Judgar, the Nathu brothers Mr. Maraj my mother‘s teacher friend and top notch cricketer,Shiva Gurasingh, Psycho, whose real name I forget. My ex wife’s father was “Full Indian” Every one of those people was a source of joy and all inclusive glee, from…

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