“Tum Apne Parwardigar Ki Kon Kon Se Naimat Ko Jhutlao Gay”

Might not seem it, but I’m a very quiet person and someone that observes her surroundings.

I’ve noticed a lot of my followers and friends are following in my footsteps. This means so much to me, as that was my goal to create more people like me and if we continue to spread peace, peace will sure be the winner.

imageIt means Allah will continue to send souls down to earth to spread the message of peace. Everyone that is born, comes to this earth plane with goodness in them and no one is born with an ounce of badness.

You have the ability to spread the vast amount of peace to the masses in this world. Listen to your gut as that is the place where Allah and the angels communicate to you by thought. Pay attention to your thoughts as that is your direction in life.

Keep doing what you do and never let anyone discourage you from doing it. When you first start on this journey, others will make fun as they won’t understand but you keep moving forward and in time more will people will join us.

What you give out, that is what you will get back in return.

Alhamdulillah “Praise be to God for creating such beautiful souls for this world.

Love Sara Khan


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