Rejoice ~ yes you can

Good morning,

My end message is, rejoice in all mankind and we am able to do that. Love each other the same, no matter what religion or faith they might be.

Have a great day and have a good luck at yourself to see if you are fulfilling this.

Love Sara Khan

Sara Khan

was born into a Hindu family who went to temples, Gudwara’s, my mum follows Radha Soami Satsang Beas and my granddad was a Buddhist. I did convert 20 years ago into Islam but because I was seen spirits I went searching for answers in spiritualist churches. I did follow my heart, stood on the platform, did my mediumship readings and spoke to a room full of people about my inspirational views on life. Know my heart has directed me to the Islamic path and I have got allot to learn which I hope all my brothers and sister will support me.I had a word in my head last night, rejoice and it’s a very important to learn what this word actually means.  All religions can live in peace and rejoice in harmony. If we all followed this simple word,there would be no more fighting and wars. We could all…

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