Accept Fate and Move on with Life

imageThe past life events do create the person that you will become today and that new future, new brighter life. Find it in your heart to forgive those that have done wrong, as the burdens, the worries don’t belong with you in this lifetime.

Have a good look at your life, memorize those beautiful moments that have been and step onto the next step of life.

Love Sara Khan


2 thoughts on “Accept Fate and Move on with Life

  1. Sarah, I love you and your family in the cosmic, universal sense, and I love your mind and what you illustrate of it to the world. But you have got to admit that “Forgiving” is not a Muslim thing. If it is in the Koran I don’t know but actions speak louder than words. My best man in my wedding of forty years ago is Muslim. Shortly I will do a post on my childhood Muslim interactions

    Sun 6/22/14


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