Father that wasn’t

imageWhat can I say about Father’s Day. My dad was a silent, quite man and never really spoke to me in the 40 years that I was around him. We never had them father, daughter moments, maybe that’s the way my destiny was written. That silent cravings for love, that never materialised in reality. It does hurt but you just learn to get on with life and feed those cravings with love from other places.

But my boys have a father that talks to them, asks them questions and educates them about the many dangers in our society that we live in today. He protects them, shields them and showers them with this overpowering unconditional love that is the duty of a loving father as that is the role that he chose in this lifetime. I sometimes just sit there watching my hubby as he gives his many lectures to our boys and my heart sinks with all this beautiful deep love. It’s really a joy to watch this and were so lucky to have him.

May my boys and their dad be forever in each others company’s and may the fathers that are in the background also have a blessed day.

Love Sara x


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