Angel sent from heaven

It’s all about loving and respecting yourself today, find the real you, as you are in there.

Have a great day, as you are all very much loved.

Love Sara Khan

Sara Khan

“One morning I was laying in bed and an angel appeared in front of my face. Dark black hair, olive skin and she said the words “love yourself” then she went. At the time I didn’t know what she meant, but as time went by I started to love myself, I am important, special and very gifted…..


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One thought on “Angel sent from heaven

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    Concerning ‘religion’, this is the only requirement of the religion I admire the most :
    “Do what you will, but harm none.”
    And that includes yourself. It is a Matriarchal religion recently recognized by the U.S. Armed forces. Wicca. It is the religion of the ‘Witches’. A religion so maligned that no one ventures into the existing literature to find the truth. And there are some great authors to enlighten all. And I mean enlighten, like,Starhawk, Raven Gramassi,Margot Adler, Scott Cunningham. To read those authors is to realize what a debt women paid for believing in kindness. From that came the usurped cosmic manipulation called black magic, never practiced by those saintly crones of old.


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