The inner child within

Loving you is having respect for yourself, as you truly do matter in this world. So if your not loving you, go and search for those answers to your questions. And finely, look in the mirror and listen to your thoughts that your soul sends you.

Sara Khan

Extract from my book: Felt it needed to be shared, and it does trigger, so be careful but let it heal you.
Say these words in your heart and with conviction.
The little child inside me, the inner me, has come out and it is up to me to free them fully. It wasn’t their fault, and I have to let them now that there are no secrets. It is my responsibility to take care of my inner child and I will help them.
I close my eyes, and hold out my hand, to reach their hand. I hold it tight and will never let it go again; it is my responsibility to look after my inner child. By just talking to my inner child and telling them this, I will take the pain away. They want to be free of all this hurt.
If you have suffered in this…

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