To become a philosopher, pick a subject and learn it.

imageI was talking to a well dressed gentleman who had walked into my office one day and he said he was a philosopher in science. I do intend to ask my people what they do, its not being nosey, I’m just interested. I listened in excitement to his stories and what he had being doing that day. He was full of life and happy that I was asking so many questions. I do have this gift where I can talk to complete strangers and by the end of our conversations we do become friends. As I found his subject interesting, I then asked him how I could become a philosopher, as it sounded so fascinated? His words to me were; “pick a subject and learn it” and thats all it is. So later I spoke to my college’s of this conversation and my wish to become a philosopher and they just looked at me and smirked. I do get a lot of that in my life, where people just look puzzled, as I do come out with bizarre Ideas. I always felt that I was on a different planet and close ones do agree but it doesn’t upset me as you can’t buy skills like these. So I went home that day and really thought hard, yes I would love to become a philosopher. I needed a subject, as that’s what this gentleman said “pick a subject” so I really thought hard and it came to me. “I can write about my philosophy on my life, in my words”

If you have a desire, put it out into the universe and it will come into your life, as Allah (God) will deliver your hearts desire. But you have to have faith in the most important person in the world and that is you. Others will laugh, put you down but you hold your head high and live your dream. If you really believe in you, the universe will pick up on your thoughts and that energy that surrounds you. Close ones will say “no” “can’t” they will say all sorts of negative words but the trick is, never ague with them. Just listen to them, as they just care and don’t want you to get upset. But remember your thoughts are between you and the universe. No one really needs to now what’s in your head as that’s between you and your creator. Then watch as goodness starts coming into your life. Just keep believing and sending out positive thoughts out to everyone, even the people that have hurt you. Why give them space in your head, leave that space in your head for all the goodness that is to enter into your life.

So I’m a philosopher now.

Whats your hearts desires and what have you done about it?

Live your hearts desires and don’t let no one tell you that you can’t.

Love and Peace

Sara Khan


One thought on “To become a philosopher, pick a subject and learn it.

  1. Reblogged this on My Spiritual Awakening From Within and commented:

    In life you will come across a person that will guide you and it’s up to the receiver to take on this advice or let it slip. I will always be in debt to my lovely friend for telling me to write my thoughts down. It is because of her words to me that I am on this journey of a lifetime, as I listened to what she had to say and I will always be so grateful.

    So if I give you advice, I do it from my heart because I know what it feels like to be in your situation as I’ve being there and I want to see you happy, like the way I am.


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