Feeling like a proud mummy

Someone asked me, are your boys as courageous as you?

My answer:

“My boys are very young at the moment and don’t now my life story, but I’m sure when they grow up, they will be proud of their mummy”

May Allah (God) make them courageous like mummy and guide them in life, always.


Sara Khan

As I walked my beautiful boys to the mosque (place of worship), I felt choked and so proud of them. They looked absolutely gorgeous in their outfits and so grown up. They walked together, eldest holding my little ones hand, making sure he was safe. It was heart touching as I watched them both walk into the mosque. I held my tears in and as I got back home, I hugged my hubby and told him of this magical moment as my tears flowed. Those tears and me have such a good relationship, Allah (God) blessed us with two beautiful young boy’s and one day they will be men. I hope my boys continue to make their mummy proud. 
Love mum

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