New journey, new beginnings into Islam

Feeling nervous as I’m not used to fasting, but I’m sure Allah will guide me and teach me many more lessons on this beautiful life that his blessed me with.

Sara Khan

Who would have thought my spiritual journey would bring me to the path of Islam. I was born into a Hindu family, but they do say you are already born as an Muslim. You get lost while searching for your answers and you go in different directions. But as you are finding your way you pick up and learn on your travels. I have learned many lessons and I have passed all the teachings onto good souls like yourself. The teachings, the lessons of life are to be shared. You can keep them locked in, away from the world, in a safe place and the decision will be yours as that will be your choice. But when you go home to your creator, if he asks what did you do with all them lessons that he sent your way. You can say I kept them safe, or you can tell…

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My Hijab and my closeness to Allah, my creator

One of my dreams was to become a priest, to spread peace and to lead others onto this beautiful path.

Received this comment:

“Too bad that anyone has to go through such soul searching before letting the world ‘acknowledge’ on sight,- – there goes a person who wants nothing but to love mankind and be loved in return. But on thinking about it I have come to realized that ‘Priests’ literally go to college to do what you are doing on your own,(with the blessings of Allah of course ), and by the time they get their ‘Habit and collar’ they have been weaned into public service. Are you special or what?

Sara Khan

I met a brother a few years ago and when I was leaving he touched my head. In Asian culture that indicates that his giving his sister respect, a blessing. Was really heart warming and he didn’t have to do that. I love helping and never ask for anything but means so much when you are given respect.
That day, that beautiful moment, I decided I must cover my head as it felt so bare. Never knew in a million years that I would become closer to my Deen. Allah wrote my destiny and he is guiding me by thought, feeling so proud of myself; my heart is crying tears of a new life, that joy. 
Allah (God) will never let me walk alone and will be there, every step of the way, as I’ve just entered the Islamic path a few months ago.
My head felt so bare. I…

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Hand in hand with Joy!

My end message is rejoice in all mankind and our creators message is also the same.

Beautifully written and I’m glad that you are all still friends.

One for me and one for youMy Blog

This post goes hand in hand with Sara Khan’s inspiring posting of 6/24/14: ” Rejoice yes you can ” on her site ‘My spiritual awakening from within.’

When I was 9 years old he was my best friend, he was the best man at my Wedding when I was 27. He was muslim. His name was Ali. His house was less than 100 yards from ours. His oldest sister was my first girl friend. I could run down a roster of childhood friends, friends to this day who were/are Muslim.Names like Hassanali, Ragunan,Gobin ,Balgobin, Rafik Poolol, Khan, Aboud Teeluxsingh, Gopool, Shah, Abdul ,Habib, Kumar, Battoo, Ramsaran, Ramjattan(Bat ears)Nadur, Judgar, the Nathu brothers Mr. Maraj my mother‘s teacher friend and top notch cricketer,Shiva Gurasingh, Psycho, whose real name I forget. My ex wife’s father was “Full Indian” Every one of those people was a source of joy and all inclusive glee, from…

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Rejoice ~ yes you can

Good morning,

My end message is, rejoice in all mankind and we am able to do that. Love each other the same, no matter what religion or faith they might be.

Have a great day and have a good luck at yourself to see if you are fulfilling this.

Love Sara Khan

Sara Khan

was born into a Hindu family who went to temples, Gudwara’s, my mum follows Radha Soami Satsang Beas and my granddad was a Buddhist. I did convert 20 years ago into Islam but because I was seen spirits I went searching for answers in spiritualist churches. I did follow my heart, stood on the platform, did my mediumship readings and spoke to a room full of people about my inspirational views on life. Know my heart has directed me to the Islamic path and I have got allot to learn which I hope all my brothers and sister will support me.I had a word in my head last night, rejoice and it’s a very important to learn what this word actually means.  All religions can live in peace and rejoice in harmony. If we all followed this simple word,there would be no more fighting and wars. We could all…

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