Spirit world will show you many things and you must always pay attention to what they are sending your way.

“Sitting here drinking my coffee and all I can smell is coconuts. Spirit world give me the most amazing gifts. Smells so beautiful and you too can experience this by letting your senses explore the many gifts that are not visible to the eye”

Because they showered me with this beautiful coconut smell, I came across this blog and there is always answers as to why.

Allah (God) and his angels know best.

Rkgoel's Blog

There is no doubt that the ritual of breaking the coconut has its origins in Hindu practice. There is no doubt that it is performed by people of all religions today in India. It is even performed in enterprises conducted by the state, which are supposed to be truly secular.

In a recent debate on television the religious versus the secular aspect of the ritual was discussed. The consensus was that though it originated in Hinduism, it applies to all humanity. All people feel pride in their achievements irrespective of individual religious achievements and all religions preach the virtue of humbling oneself before God. Therefore the ritual does not contradict the tenets of other religions and this accounts for its universal acceptance.

Smashing the coconut is symbolic of annihilating the ego and humbling oneself before God. When ever a work of magnitude is undertaken it is natural for the persons…

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