My Peace Letter of Change to All World Leaders

16 July 2012
8th July 2012-07-08

Dear respected leaders of our world,

I am writing to all of the one hundred and ninety-six world leaders of my message which I have been guided by our Creator to pass to you and your people of my desire to create peace amongst you and the good people of your country. There is a lot of hatred and crime in the world we live in today. When our Creator made us this wonderful world, He put in beautiful landscapes, the freshness of the breeze for us to feel, and food to stimulate the soul; the nutrients we need for us to gain energy. He wanted us to experience this wonderful gift to gain knowledge and to explore, but man has destroyed all this to fulfil his greed instead of cherish the greatness of it. If we don’t wake up in the period of time that it takes the future of our generation of this world to come, there will be no legacy left to leave, which was a gift from our Creator.

You can lead your country, but in order for your people to follow you, the change starts from within and that is within you. You must illustrate and demonstrate the true quality that your soul desires from you as a human being. You are only the shell that has come to this world to experience lessons of life, which you will understand in the afterlife, after the fullness of time when you are on your last breath on this earth plane. Do good and a thousand Angels will carry your soul to your Creator, where your life will be played back to you. Your Creator will look at your heart, where everything has been registered and your deeds will be put in front of Him. You can start again, by asking for forgiveness and making today the start of this new life. Look at your life, make the changes and only then will you be able to feed goodness to your people.

You be the change first, as peace starts from within and all souls of your country will look up to you. They will start to take control of their life too as it’s their responsibility and they are in charge of their life. Leaders can guide, hold their hand but again they are in charge of themselves and with every action that they take, they will discover the purpose of why their soul has come on earth! They can start today.

Leave it for another day, but the choice will always be theirs! If they are not sure as to what they want, ask them to sit in a quiet place and ask the most important person in their life and yes that is themselves, as they are in charge of their body. It belongs to them, they are the sole owner and then when their soul tells them the answer, they must trust in the reply, which will come in feelings and then must act. They need to take the magical steps and the first one is always the hardest but with time each step will get easier. So they must keep climbing that ladder of life and not look back, not until they get to the top!

They will get there and remember these magical words two thousand and twelve is one of the most amazing years of our time. This year is about change, hearts desires and for making dreams come alive. Tell them they don’t want to miss this opportunity to be that change the world so desperately needs. They will feel the energy all around them and that will be their Creator guiding them through their heart. But you as their leader must take the leading role and be the change first. When you give out goodness to your wonderful people, it will come back to you in thousands. This will give you more vibrating energy to do more goodness, and it will energise you further in the goals that your soul has come to earth to experience.

I have been bestowed with this message of pure peace to pass to the people of the world and it’s my honour as an ambassador for world peace that I do this with respect and dignity in mind. My soul does send me those hidden answers to my questions, which I then listen to and act upon. I have turned hate in my life to pure inner peace and I have faith that in time that you too will achieve this.

Ambassador for world peace

Sara Khan

Author of “Life does get better, Peace within is found again”

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© Sara Khan 2012




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