I went on a spiritual journey of self discovery, which took 20 years to find the answers were already within

Good morning, we all have to take that step and some will be hard, but you find the strength and take them.

Sara Khan

I was going through depression and memory’s of what I had being through in my child hood. One night I cried so much and made myself not wanting to go to sleep. What happened next was really frightening as I had never experienced anything like this before. 

(I have never taken depression tablets) I had a out of body experience (That’s when your soul comes out your body). This really frightened me and I was scared as I had no idea what was happening. While I was out of my body I saw other souls and experienced lots of frightening things.

This carried on for twenty years and it was the scariest thing I had ever experienced. In the end I said whoever was with me to leave me alone. It stopped for a bit until I had an accident and this brought it all back again. I started to…

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