I said a Prayer for you

I feel I have had a calling to pray for others. This sense of overwhelming I feel when I am praying. When I am praying I do it with sincerity and from my heart. I am not alone when I pray as my guides are standing beside me. The vibes I feel are just magical and feeling the aura all around me is just amazing. I truly feel blessed and great full that spirit world have chosen me to do their wonderful work. As with life, there are no guarantees. In order for your prayers to work you have to believe in yourself and make things happen. Together we can achieve this.
I have a list of people that I am praying for and my list is getting bigger. I don’t mind, as I love my time with God and the longer the list the more time I have with God. If you would like to add your name to my prayer list please send me an email and I will do that. I ask that you do not tell me what the problem is, as I need to keep a clear head.

A Guide from the spiritual world came to help me on my first prayers’ event online. “feels like an elemental, an earth spirit, not earth bound spirit…feel the lightness of the texture of its body and spirit…it has more substance than angels, but less substance than human spirits have. I’m getting that it’s combines all the elements…earth, water, fire and air…so it must be one of the regional commanders of the elementals in your area…like a captain :)

Sometimes in my mind’s eye he’s golden like sunlight and other times I see him as the blue and white of a cloudy sky and at other times he looks sculpted from granite, strong and steady, and then he shines like a rainbow reflecting light through drops of rain :)

He calls himself Immabu…that’s “im” as in him without the h…”ma” as in mama…”bu” as in boo to you too :) Immabu

He bows to you and to your family and says he is there because you requested aid in standing strong and balanced when you do your prayer service??? Anyway…he’s there to help so call on him if you feel the need.




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