Communicating to your other half’s soul

Marriages are made in heaven and to experience on earth but I know it can be hard at times. I’m going to share one of my secrets to a successful marriage that you can all do.

Talking to your other half’s soul!!!

As you know we are all an energy in a physical body that have come to earth to experience life. Our creator does pair us up before we are born, with that he attaches our destiny and gives us choices.

You can all talk to your other half’s soul as we are all an energy in a shell that we call a body. But before you start to communicate, you must ask for permission as around our bodies we are protected by door keepers, and not only that, we have a primary guide who has being with us from the moment we are born. You ask for permission in your mind and you will know if you have got it by the feelings that you will experience. A loving tingling feeling is a yes and if you feel weird then it’s a big no. Their soul will block you and you mustn’t continue with this exercise.

When you have got the connection, start your conversation and just tell them how you are feeling. Just off load all your problems that are on your mind. It’s just like having an conversation if they was next to you and then watch during the weeks as you see changes occurring.

The next step…

You can actually give instructions to each others souls via thoughts! Will explain another time.

Love Sara Khan


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