Poetry, Please! (My 400th post!)

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Dollops Eek, according to my WordPress ‘stats’, this is my 400th post (I’m saying ‘eek’ because I’m just wondering how many words and hours that adds up to! But, to paraphrase L’Oreal: You’re Worth It!)

Anyway, it’s a milestone, so I thought I would dedicate the 400th post to that much-neglected art: POETRY.

Waitrose Poetry Competition

Waitrose supermarket has teamed up with esteemed poet, Roger McGough, to launch ‘A Year of Poetry’.

Roger has written 16 ‘light-hearted’ poems, which will be on display in Waitrose stores and now there’s a competition, too!

Poems must be between 2 and 8 lines and should be related to the world of food and where it comes from. They should be ‘thoughtful and friendly, and perhaps funny’. There is no age limit for entrants. Please include your name, address and age with entry.

There are 2 ways to enter:

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