Those silent tears within

I’ve silently cried deep down inside and if you look at this picture very closely, you will see in my eyes that this was my saddest moment that  day. This was the moment that I looked at my life and thought to myself, I just can’t carry on like this. I need to live for me, my boys and my life time partner. 
From that precise moment, that week, those incidents that occurred that day, I decided that I was going to come first, live for me and the tears that came when I made that big decision was the worst that I had ever experienced
I’d cried so much I felt like this is it and I was at a total loss as each member of my blood family deserted me on my darkest hour but as I took those tiny steps that followed, one by one, my life slowly started to change for the better and a new life was born, the new me that you see today. 
Tonight I want you to pay attention to your eyes as they hold all your answers to your life and they are the closest that you will ever come to when communicating to your soul. 
Night and God bless
Love Sara Khan


New Year and A New You

New Year and a new you, new beginnings our creator made us all with love. If your faced with challenges and struggles in life. They are only temporary, as life changes with hard work and Allah (God) didn’t put an ounce of badness in our destiny. We have brain and brawn & have the knowledge to choose from right and wrong each of us have free choices, that free will and to do the right thing. If you find that you have hatred for someone, turn it into love and you will find that it comes back from other sources in treble numbers.

Keep on spreading that vast amount of love and be at peace as life does get better.

Love Sara Khan

Powerful words to conquer in life

Forgiveness, Love, Jealousy, Betrayal, Commitment are very powerful words and many of the above words you will have felt at some.

The person that has and can conquer all these values and have had them embedded in their hearts are the most powerful souls.
We should all aim for this achievement in our lives and it is achievable.
Have a great afternoon and look at your
accomplishments that you have conquered in your beautiful life.
Love Sara Khan

Happy Lohri

Lohri (Is a festival, celebrated by Punjabi people of Indian )..And has many happy mixed memories for me as I was growing up. On every Lohri my lovely grandmother would buy jalabi (an Indian sweet) for all our extended families and my grandfather would give us gifts. But this soon changed when I married a Muslim and I was left out of all the family celebrations. It did hurt as I stood back and watched all my siblings getting gifts but for me it wasn’t the fact that I didn’t get the gifts, I missed the affection, the loving feeling, the atmosphere that I once had. 
Anyway, Happy Lohri to everyone that’s celebrating today and if you’ve being forgotten, don’t worry as you have God that will be looking down on you and he will never forget his creation that he created. 
Love Sara Khan 

We are all travelers on this journey

We are all soul travelers on this journey of life, some souls we will meet and some we will walk on by, or miss accidentally. But we have all come to earth to learn the vast amount of knowledge that this world has to offer us and we will be taking the teachings back to heaven, that place, that home that will be rewarded to us for eternity. 
As you travel on this path, always feel and observe your fellow travelers auras, that deep feeling as they will bring you the little teachings for you to learn from. Ask as many questions as possible and without hesitation, as that one answer might be the changing of you. With the information that you receive, pass it on to the next traveller that crosses your path, so they too can learn and pass onto the many travelers passing them too. 
You will come across some travelers that will not understand each other’s journeys, the words spoken of but don’t criticize, as it may not be your time to travel alongside of them as yet and you both keep to your own paths. 
Just remember this life is a journey, an experience that we have come to earth to learn from and the vast amount of teachings that we will learn, we will be taking back to our creators house. 
Have a great day

and for once, quieten your mind to feel the presence, those feelings of auras all around you. 

Love and Peace
Sara Khan