Need to say goodbye to my family

The time has come to say goodbye and move on. I have changed and become this placid caring wonderful woman who has found herself. If you see me today you wouldn’t even recognize me as I have changed so much.
You have had your chance to see me but you chose not to. My boys are growing up and not once have you contacted them.” Uncles “
In life there comes a time when you have to leave the people who once said that they loved you behind. And I’ve done just that.  I am growing spiritually and need to be free and not carry any burdens or pains.


I kept quiet so that you all could live your life and be free of this burden that I carried. I knew this day would come when I had to leave you all and I have forgiven you all from my heart, I hold no grudges, you just weren’t strong enough, to stand by me. I will never to this day why or understand why all the family chose to disown me.
As you all knew the truth but still no one helped me when I asked for help and I never stopped asking. In the end it was up to me to help myself. You can ask the family why they chose to stay quiet when I spoke up at the age of seventeen as I could have been helped supported but you and the rest chose to ignore that but that’s ok because deep down you must feel bad. I Know I have goals and dreams which I am working on and God wiling I feel satisfaction.
Always stay happy, be truthful to yourself and look after each other as I have my life to live. I have big plans, dreams and I will get there one day and eventually my dreams ambitions you will all see.
Who would have believed me if I said one day I was going to write and publish a book. I’m helping so many people and will continue to offer my services as an powerful advocate for sexual abuse victims. In life you do get rewarded with all those tears that you would have shredded I will be collecting my good earned rewards.
One of the amazing gifts that I have being rewarded is Allah (God) who is deep inside me. I go to bed with the angels singing and walk with my guides.
Got so much going on in my life and you just wouldn’t believe me. I’m surrounded by the spiritual world and I am going to one day use this wonderful gift that I have being gifted with to heal the masses in this world that we live in.
Will always love you all. I meant nothing but you no what I’ve gone beyond caring.

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