We all start off as strangers in this world

We all start off as strangers in this world that our creator created for us but in the background, unknown to us there is a lot of activity that goes on in the universe. Most of us have never met, some maybe never will but for those that have found that link will communicate with each other by thought and our souls will always have that deep spiritual connection. Unknown to us, our guides, angels will be planning away in the spirit world and they will feed us words via thoughts. We will only now what that is if we listen to our gut, those feelings and ask those deep questions as to the why we are so connected. But not everyone will have the strength to follow that gut and for those that do will find out the reasons when the time is right for the answers to appear. 
So that stranger that once was just that, will no longer be that as that connection would have being made and our souls will continue with the work via the universes until we are both ready to work side by side on this beautiful earth that was a gift from our creator. 
Love Sara Khan 


Knocking on heavens doors

Still remember the time my soul came out of my body and I really thought I was leaving this earth for good. In my mind I was begging for a second chance, I was pleading with my maker, asking for one more chance, promising him that I will continue with my peace mission. (When you are out of your body, you can’t move you feel lifeless, you want to talk and it’s all thought controlled). I was very scared and suddenly I felt my grandmothers soul appear as she kissed my face, I felt her skin touch mine, I felt at peace, I felt at ease and I was back in my body. I thanked my maker for giving me a second chance, and that’s one of the many reasons I do what I do. I love each and everyone to the max. 
When our creator calls us back, we won’t really have a choice and if it’s your time to go, you will be called back. I don’t think that morning was my time, then again no one is aware nor knows if and when. So make the most of your life on earth, as your here to learn the vast amount of lessons that you will eventually take back home,for eternity. 
I do miss my dearest grandmother and we will meet again one day. 
( God willing). 
Insha Allah, God willing and hoping she will be the one that stands at the bright white light to hold my hand and to take me through. 
Love Sara Khan

A story for Jumma, about rice and that path that I didn’t take

Anything can trigger a memory from the past and for me it was the mention of rice. Twenty years ago, in my younger days, when I was free and very single, I was offered a job as a nanny with a well known rice manufactures. At the time of going to the actual interview I wasn’t aware of their high status, as the agency didn’t mention it, I was young and very naive, still am today. I went to the interview with two of my friends, in my small car that just about made it there. It was in a small village in London, we entered the house and made ourselves comfortable, as I’m a very natural person.The family immediately took a liking to me and offered me the job on the spot as I got on with their children. In the package they included a flat of my own and it was nice. But in those days, I wasn’t this strong women that you see today and I was scared of change. I could have taken the risk, as I was alone in london and living in this one bedroom bedsit. I did have a job already too, in an hotel and I was coping financially. But I was scared to leave the friends that I had made, as I didn’t really now of these people that wanted to employ me. They really desperately wanted me, as they kept phoning me and at the time I was too naive to understand why they would want me so much. I was loving in them days too as you master the art of hiding your problems and it’s called having two lives. 
You see in life, our creator has given us that free will and many choices, different paths that we are able to choose from. If I had chosen to take that job, I wouldn’t have met my hubby and had my lovely boys. I would have being on a completely different journey, as to what I am on today. 
“Life is a journey of many choices and each step that we take will lead us to a different path”
Jumma Mubarak and have a blessed friday. 
Love Sara Khan 

No more man made wars

It’s Remembrance Day today, year in the memory of those who have been affected in all conflicts.
Let’s say a prayer to those that have lost ensuring that people remember those who have given their lives for the freedom we enjoy today.
Irrelevant of creed or colour …Let’s pray for countries that are still at war and the many lives that will be lost because man hasn’t learn’t the art of communicating yet. May that day be soon, where everyone will learn to live in peace and harmony. Let’s visualize a day that will be filled with love so all will sort their differences out. 
My message as always, let there be no more man made WARS and we peace activists will continue to spread PEACE. 
May God guide us all. 
“The world will hold a 2 minute silence but we will remember everyone that has gone to the spirit world before their time” 
Love Sara Khan

A story for Jumma ~ A Tree of Life

A tree has a life of its own, it’s roots go deep into the ground, deeper into the earth that we sow our food and when it reaches the very bottom the routes will come back up to the surface, holding the tree very securely in place. As it sprouts it’s branches, it will grow and it can become any shape or form that it is written in its destiny by Allah. The tree will also have that free will, that choice and those feelings like us humans, as its alive. 
In a way, we are all like trees and growing with the nutrient that feeds us to gain that knowledge that is all around us. Our bodies are held firmly by this higher force and our legs are grounded solidly to the ground that goes deep into the soil spiritually. Like a tree, we will also branch out and experience the four seasons of change as each one takes place.
We are all protected by our creator as we are its creations, any shape or form.
Jumma Mubarak and have a blessed Friday. Find it in your heart to branch out to experience the worldly gifts that have being placed before us.
Love Sara Khan


Just had a thought, rejoice in all religions

Allah (God) created us all and he is that thought in each of us. He guides each of us on our paths, be it different religions, creed and colour but he is that thought and he is one in all of us. We are one, each and every one of us on a different path, but the message is the same and that is to become one, rejoice in all religions, creed and colour.

Life is a plan, that is already set in place and our creator has a plan, that is to rejoice in all mankind. This is his big plan and you are all playing that part to live in harmony and peace. So let’s think and be wise and create that harmony and peace that will better us and the world we live in.
Have a great day, learn to respect all religions and rejoice. 
Love Sara Khan

Diwali celebrations and those memories

Since it’s Diwali, I fancy some jalibi and praying that I don’t go back to memory lane, as I do have some amazing memories stored in there. 

Tell you a quick story though:

Every Diwali, my grandmother used to go to the corner shop and get all the family jalibi’s and they were just so out of this world. The family was massive too, but she still went and bought them as she loved us. 

I do miss my grandmother and I am lucky in a way, as she travels along side of me on this amazing journey of a lifetime, showering that scent that is only known to me.

Think I will have to get hubby to get me some jalbi’s….

Hope my grandmother is happy though, as I am missing her so much.

And I’ve not cried yet, but those tears are at the back of my head and they can stay there as Allah has blessed me with such an beautiful family that love me for the person that I am.

Love Sara — feeling like crying, but will be strong.

Your never alone, Jumma Mubarak

Allah (God) created you, gave you life and gifted you the goodness of the world that you live in.
He gave you goodness, happiness and joy for you to enjoy, as he never gives out badness. Then, why do you give in to the worldly problems that your faced with? 
Do you think his going to leave you to face them all by yourself? Just ask him and he will be ten steps ahead of you. He will already know the answer to your questions, even before you ask and he will have that answer already. 
But he does ask you to be patient and for you to silence your mind, in order to receive his answer that he has prepared for you. 
Never think that your all alone, as that will never be the case and he will be there for you forever. 
Live your life to the fullest and tackle each problem as it comes your way. But never give up on the life that he gifted to you to enjoy and to learn from. 
So that you could take all that teaching back and climb the magical steps to seventh heaven, your place that will be your home for eternity. 
Jumma Mubarak and have a blessed friday.
Love Sara Khan