Met a beautiful lady on Facebook

Going to leave you with a story tonight and sticking to the word, RISK! 
I really do take risks, gambles and ask as many questions as possible, too many at times. In 2010 I found my inner peace and I was searching for someone that could help me with my book. I saw this beautiful lady on facebook with this amazing profile and her eyes spoke to me. I didn’t now her, but in my heart I felt that God had sent her my way to help me, as he has already laid the path that you walk and he puts people there that will be there for you. Everyone had left me by this time, I truly had no one left in my life as they just didn’t have the courage to continue this journey that laid ahead. So I found that inner strength, that bravery and sent her my book manuscript. I just did it, I took that risk, as I always do things on impulse. Anyway I let my heart do all the talking and I had this trust in her, I didn’t now her but I felt this warmth with her. 
To this day, this beautiful, amazing soul, my angel hasn’t stopped helping me and together we have grown spiritually and we have this strong bond of this unconditional love. So glad that I took that gamble and was brave enough to take that risk. 
So keep asking and you to will find that one person that will never ever leave you standing alone. 
Night and God bless 
Sara x


9 thoughts on “Met a beautiful lady on Facebook

  1. When I was sixty four I discovered that life is ALL. . ALL. . about the validation of oneself. THENCE comes wisdom. Wisdom I have found is the putting to useknowledge gained primarily thru intuition. And intuition out of mere observation. Then focus, or meditation as some people like to call it. Do you know of, or read anything by Irshad Manji. You’re both cut from the same bolt of cloth. Heroism. I have some historic passages of literature to send you, but it will take time for me to find the exact passages.


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