A gift of joy, those tears that return

With each tear that you would have shred in life, they will have a value attached to it and if you find that those tears have returned again, that will only mean that our creator is adding more amazing gifts to your life for you to enjoy in this present life. 

Not upset, just felt like giving a gift of joy to the world to enjoy too. 
Night and God bless 
Love Sara Khan 

Wondering why I was chosen

Wondering why Allah chose me to receive this beautiful divine, those amazing scents that are showered all around me, the angels humming in both my ears, the spiritual bright lights shining on my bedroom wall at night. As I do make many mistakes, I do things without thinking, I say what ever is on my mind, I take risks, I can’t spell, I love very, very deeply and I defiantly don’t think, I just go ahead with what my thoughts direct me to do as there is that trust factor involved. 
Maybe it’s because my heart is so pure and Allah loves me dearly. Mind, my heart hasn’t always being this pure, a lot of hard work, building bridges with my inner self and loving me as a whole package, that beautiful soul that resides within me might be the reason why. 
I don’t now all the answers but I will learn with each step that I take and Allah will send good souls my way that will guide me on this beautiful path. 
Love Sara Khan 

My primary Guide came showering her scent

My primary Guide was with me again this evening, showering that sweet violet perfume that is unique to me. 
For those that have being to Dubai, there is a scent in all the malls, hotels of this beautiful perfume that my guide from the spirit world showers all around me. 
She has guided me on this amazing journey and I’ve acted on those thoughts that she sends, but as always I’m in charge of my soul. 
The thought that she comes with feels good and as usual I will act as its my direction in life, that guidance. 
Love Sara 

Take that step, it’s worth it

Honestly, just take that risk and it will be worth it. You will forget the knockbacks, struggles and those dreading words, no, you can’t, what will people say, as you will show them that yes you can and end of the day, they will not be coming back home with you, that place that will be your home for erternity, that place in paradise. 

Insha Allah, I still have one big step to take but I’m sure Allah has it all in hand. 

Love Sara 

Spiritual love, that deep love for a soul

Love, there is so many definitions to this small word and it will have many meanings attached to it. 
Spoke about unrequited love and today I’m going to talk about spiritual love, that deep loving of someone’s soul that you would have never ever met in your life. But that love that you would have, you will feel it so deeply, that aura will vibrate that beautiful energy and it will be very magical. You will be surrounded by people that you will also love, but this love for this soul will always stand out strong and at times very powerful. 
We are all souls in a body that are always communicating spiritually with each other by thought, while experiencing life on earth and we might never meet here but we will in the afterlife. 
Insha Allah 

10 magpies surrounded me

This evening, I’m going to share one of my magical experiences that I’ve had in my life. 

“As I sit in my car, loads of magpies have surrounded me. At least ten black and white ones, one of them touched my car to get my attention. In spiritual terms they bring good luck and to say they are watching over me. They have delivered their message and have gone. Wow, how lucky was that! Really felt blessed and I know I’m on the right path. It truly was amazing seen all this happen and I did get a message from this experience” 

You too can feel magic, as it’s all around us and just needs you to pay attention to your surroundings

Have a great evening, keep sending loving thoughts to your soul and watch as you grow spiritually. 

Love Sara Khan 

They’ve come with a message, will wait

Got this weird feeling and that deep sense of a loved one departing from this world. I know my blood family are no longer with me and I will never now if someone does go. Just got this feeling and it’s not just that, I know I’m following Islam but I’ve got a soul from the spirit world around me. It’s very rare that souls from the other side come into my house. They only come when a message needs to be delivered and I know I need to be strong, just incase my instincts are right. But a day will come, when I will have to say goodbye silently in my heart. 
I know this is so sad, but that’s how I’m feeling and will just have to wait to see why they are here with me tonight. 
Love Sara Khan 

Messages on billboards from above

“She cares and wants us to be happy”
As I read the above sentence that was sent to me, I felt choked as my heart truly cares about the world that we are living in and at the same time our creator loves us dearly too. 
But I’ve promised this Ummah, my brother in Islam that I would share a funny story with the world tonight. 
I have always said that our creator sends us messages in many ways, be it in thoughts, bill boards, so yes really pay attention to them advertisements as they contain many signs and in dreams, the list continues. 
My story: 
“One day I was walking along, it was a wet rainy day and all of a suddenly I fell onto my knees, my hands raised into the air and this was the early days of the time I came onto the Islamic path. It was funny in a way, although it hurt a little too and no one was around, so I had a giggle as I do intend to laugh to myself on the funniest things that I do. But to me, in my funniness way there was a bigger picture with this incident and a message from powers above. Allah was telling me to pray and this was one of his ways, told in an action sort of a way”!
So always look at your actions as everything that you do in life has a meaning and then search for that answer. 
SubhanAllah, we are the creations of our creator and if we show laughter, he will laugh alongside of us too.
Love and Peace 
Sara Khan 

Families are that bond that we all search

The word that my soul gave me for tonight was FAMILIES, at first I thought to myself, I can’t write about this, as it’s such an emotional word for me. But I’m going to try and see what my soul had in mind and why this word was given to me. Families are that bond, that love that ties us together and it’s not always necessary your own blood. Families come in many forms and sometimes they have to be made by yourself, that joy to fill an empty gap, that cravings of the ones that have departed your life. One way or another, we are all searching for that special person, someone to spend the rest of our lives with and that will be the starting of that bond, that completeness of a new found family, that in time will grow into big families filled with love, that compassion. 
If your alone, feeling lost and searching for the one to start your life, to start that family. Never stop looking, as they too will be searching for you and that connection will finely be made to start that life, that family that your heart so desires.  
Love Sara Khan and my dearest family that I have made, that have given me so many wonderful memories that I will treasure for the rest of my living days. 

Met a beautiful lady on Facebook

Going to leave you with a story tonight and sticking to the word, RISK! 
I really do take risks, gambles and ask as many questions as possible, too many at times. In 2010 I found my inner peace and I was searching for someone that could help me with my book. I saw this beautiful lady on facebook with this amazing profile and her eyes spoke to me. I didn’t now her, but in my heart I felt that God had sent her my way to help me, as he has already laid the path that you walk and he puts people there that will be there for you. Everyone had left me by this time, I truly had no one left in my life as they just didn’t have the courage to continue this journey that laid ahead. So I found that inner strength, that bravery and sent her my book manuscript. I just did it, I took that risk, as I always do things on impulse. Anyway I let my heart do all the talking and I had this trust in her, I didn’t now her but I felt this warmth with her. 
To this day, this beautiful, amazing soul, my angel hasn’t stopped helping me and together we have grown spiritually and we have this strong bond of this unconditional love. So glad that I took that gamble and was brave enough to take that risk. 
So keep asking and you to will find that one person that will never ever leave you standing alone. 
Night and God bless 
Sara x