Live a life of truth

Live a life of truth, clean heart and divine will enter your soul. If you find that there is something that needs sorting, take steps, be brave and that heart will heal. When you reach that state of pure happiness, well you are nearly there. Hold onto your breath, be very careful not to trip as greed will be sent your way and you will have to start all over again. Just visualise yourself standing on the top of this amazing mountain. Then look back down to the steps that you have taken, never forget your journey as that will guide you in the future to come. Do go back though to hold onto the next persons hand that you see as you are their support know!

This was written in my destiny by Allah and I will deliver!

Insha Allah I will get there! Just watch as I take my steps to pure love and deliver my words of pure peace but my heart must stay pure, always.

But this journey comes with struggles and heartache that only the person living it can understand.

Many may not like what I say or do but again it’s their choice. If I feel the need to share I will do that.

I am not God nor do I feel I am, I feel what I say and for a lot of people my thoughts help them move on in life! This is a fact, as I get many messages of appreciation.

We are not here to judge any one hence, please do not judge.

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