Who is Sara Khan

Sara Khan is a powerful advocate for sexual abuse victims, now a Writer & Author, healer, law of attraction practitioner and an inspirational speaker on her philosophy of life.

She is a global executive of health and well being products, in her forties of Asian Heritage, and in her early childhood, she experienced the trauma of sexual abuse within the family that was meant to be a safe environment. After decades of living with sadness and hurt in her life, Sara sought answers for the purpose of her life. When you are young, the people you love most and trust are the people you turn to, but she was overpowered by family honour and her elders and their beliefs and was very confused. Brought up in a British country and raised with Asian values that in reality wasn’t a bad idea, if enforced correctly.

Surrounded by a large family she always felt a deep feeling of not belonging. She felt that she didn’t fit in, as inside she was hurting and had no one to share her awful pain . She managed to turn her life around and got married but the pain of her childhood was still there.

Disowned by all her blood relatives for refusing to keep quiet, still she felt she had to make her voice heard. Each hurdle that she took has served to make her a stronger person. Writing the book brought back her troubled childhood, and although she doesn’t go into detail about her sexual abuse in the book, she started to have flashbacks, and this was upsetting at times, but she managed to stay strong as she knew her story had to be told in order to help other victims. She concentrates on the emotional impact that it had on her life.

When Sara turned forty she looked back at her life, they say life begins at forty and in her experience that saying is so true. Sara found that hidden voice that was hidden deep within, and lost to the world. She is a powerful advocate for souls that are still searching for their lost voice. She receives referrals from all walks of life, which include sexual abuse victims and people with occurring nightmares where they see spirits. With her background, experience of the life that she has lived, she is able to offer spiritual guidance to others.

She has a gift and can emphasis and sense others feelings when she gets letters from people, as the words jump out and speak to her via thought. She feels, what the writer is expressing in their letter, and the when she gives feedback, there is shock of disbelief. Her passion is to heal and support that anyone that comes knocking on her door; she has made that her purpose in life. She believes as God held her hand, she will be there for anyone that asks her for support and will put all her heart in helping others until they find the courage to walk their journey on their own. That is the promise that she has given to God, who walks with her on this amazing spiritual journey of pure love and peace.

Her passion to heal, help and support with those words that come from within gives her strength to heal the world. Sara does most of her work, networking on her computer where she reaches out to souls and builds relationships, and with amazing results. Sara has a way of connecting with individuals and making magical transformations; she has being there and understands the pain that the victims are feeling. She also does one to one sessions, and victims are shocked when she reassures them with her answers. They have complete trust and faith in her abilities that she offers.

Sara lives in England with her husband, who is her rock and has stood at her side in her fight for justice. They are the proud parents of two amazing young boys, who are their world and will protect forever. She has two sisters who guide and support her in life, and are there for her! Sara’s blood family lost a daughter, sister and the world gained a mother figure.

With the help of her husband, sisters and the world’s guidance and inspiration, Sara is about to launch her new book ” Life does get better Peace within is Found Again” It is her desire to inspire others to be that change, by sharing her amazing stories of her courage and hope it will inspire others to do the same! She is seeing souls transform into beautiful soul’s right in front of her eyes. She is reaching out to the world with her words that were once hidden and lost to the world. This is her dream, that her story will give someone else courage to speak up, and find that inner peace that has being lost in the name of family honour.

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