Power within you

Believe in your inner powers, believe in your thoughts that you receive and have faith in the most amazing person in the world, that’s you. Let them thoughts, that voice direct you in life and remember that voice, that thought is a higher power, that is our creator. Build your energy, make it high, let it vibrate and that is your communication to that force. If your feeling low, you will not experience this power, find a way to change and step onto this vibrating step that is full of energy.

Play that daydream and watch as your hearts desires comes alive, as it will but always work with respect in mind.

Have a nice day and watch your words as they will become reality.

What you put out into the world, that is what you will get back in return.

Love Sara Khan xx

For those that are waiting for news on my book launch, the book is on process of going to print and awaiting dates for the launch. An email and a press release will be sent to you all nearer the time.

“Life Does Get Better & Peace Within is Found Again”

For more information please contact Riff Haworth, manager and mentor at: rhmedia.inc@mail.com for more information.



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