Who is Sara khan and why would we want to see her?

She is a victim of child abuse, a daughter who’s voice was made silent in the name of family honour, a survivor and someone who has turned all the negative spirits that came into her life into positiveness. She is someone who has found inner peace by asking and searching for her questions and found that the answers were already within.

You can say, lots of people have being through this, why are you so special? All throughout her 20’s she had visits from guides from the spirit world who had conversations with her! One most amazing message that she received from an angel, her words to her ” love yourself ” she said them words and went. This angel appeared, her face was a tan colour and she spoke to those words.

She is someone who is in touch with her inner self, as that is where the soul resides and that travels back home. She can reach deep down and connect to the child within her! Her goal is to teach others, how they too can do this, as that is where all the answers lay.

What can she teach you?

She can guide you and help you find that lost child within. Show you that the questions that you ask, are already within you.


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