Them craving will return, be strong

I craved my blood family today, yes I miss them and it hurt. That void that they have left in my life, I felt that emptiness and them tears nearly returned. Then I thought how can they just dismiss that they had a daughter for the sake of family honour! I know I’m this strong women who wants to spread peace, but I am human and with feelings that at times does break down. I might have lost all my blood family but I gained a rock, my husband who stands at my side as I travel this amazing journey. Then I have my two beautiful boys that comfort me with warmth hugs. But one thing that I value is you the world who have filled that gap that my blood family dismissed. I will bring myself out of this sadness as no way will I break down and go back to that time which was filled with tears. But in all of this I have my faith that will be with me for the rest of my living days. So yes, I have everything and more but it’s ok to go back in time to see what has being left be hide. This is my time to shine and I will as you the world will always be my energy that will always be my strength that continues to lead me to pure peace.

Please treasure your daughters as they are your honour and your responsibility. Sara X


Journey of pure peace

Only you will now when the time is right to begin the journey of pure peace. When you do begin your journey, keep going and don’t stop. There will be challenges sent your way, you take them as they will be tests. Tests to see how strong you can hold on, be strong and keep going as the end will be nearer. And on every corner, their will be an angel waiting to hold your hand. So never worry, stress or panic as it will all come together as that is how you had destiny was written! Just get ready for the success and gifts that will come your way. Do enjoy, but never forget the people that held your hand, do go back and help the next soul! Yes, you are the angel know, angel of pure peace.

Once you learn that destiny is written by our creator and he writes the good and bad. You will sail happily through life. But only you will know when that time comes into your life and you will feel it.

But not everyone will understand where I am coming from! You have to be traveling on the same path to understand all of this energy that I feel.