Rejoice ~ yes you can

was born into a Hindu family who went to temples, Gudwara’s, my mum follows Radha Soami Satsang Beas and my granddad was a Buddhist. I did convert 20 years ago into Islam but because I was seen spirits I went searching for answers in spiritualist churches. I did follow my heart, stood on the platform, did my mediumship readings and spoke to a room full of people about my inspirational views on life. Know my heart has directed me to the Islamic path and I have got allot to learn which I hope all my brothers and sister will support me.I had a word in my head last night, rejoice and it’s a very important to learn what this word actually means.  All religions can live in peace and rejoice in harmony. If we all followed this simple word,there would be no more fighting and wars. We could all live in peace and love each other.  If you really think about it, it’s not that hard really? We can all do this, each and every one of us. Why follow others when you can become the leader and lead others to a path of pure peace.

I do believe there will be peace one day, as so many good souls are spreading love and peace. If anyone wants to find that deep love within, start from within first and you too will lead one day.




Dear brothers and sisters of the world. Will you all stand with me as I send out loving thoughts of prayer and much needed heeling to everyone that is suffering all around the world. We might not be there in person but our thoughts are very powerful and will reach their souls, as the universe will carry our thoughts that we send out to them. Let’s tell them that the world is feeling their pain and their tears are felt. let’s reach out our hand and offer them the support that they seek. We are all in this together as their pain belongs to us.

To all the leaders of the world, just remember that God is watching. He gave you free will to make choices and he trusted in you. Your time will come when you return back home and your life will be played back to you. Just be prepared to watch and you will have to relive your sins in the other world. You can ask for forgiveness and correct your ways but the choice will be yours.


Let’s all send out loving healing prayers and much needed support to everyone that is oppressed.

Ameen ~ Sara Khan

World peace starts from within

In order to gain world peace, look at you first and not what the next person is doing! Peace within starts from just that within, so take control of your life as it’s yours and your in charge. Others can guide, hold your hand but again your in charge of you! You can start today, leave it for another day, but the choice will always be yours. If your not sure as to what you want, sit in a quiet place, ask the most important person in your life and yes you have got it right, it’s you as you are in charge of your body. It belongs to you, you are the soul owner and then when your soul tells you the answer, trust in the reply and act. Take them magical steps and the first one is always the hardest but with time they do get easier. So keep climbing and don’t look back, not until you get to the top! You will get there and remember my words 2012 is one of the most amazing years of our time. Don’t miss this opportunity to be that change that the world so desperately needs. Feel the energy all around you and that will be your guides guiding you.

I asked myself this morning, what’s next for me and the answer that my soul gave me was!

“Ambassador for world peace”

So going to ask, how do I do that pls? Never be scared to ask questions! I’m still doing my video blogging too! Just need to get this speech which is in my head all onto video.

Have a blessed day and make your inner soul happy today.

Inshallah everything will work out for all of us! Have faith.

Sara Khan

Life begins at 40

They say life begins at 40 and you have to live it to see how true that saying is. When I turned 40 I found I had goals that I wanted to achieve. Never had goals in my life and really was just living life, yes just that. I know exactly what I want now in life and I’m enjoying this amazing journey to get to that big goal that I have set myself. I can see the end and it’s looking good. Everything is coming together for me. Remember it’s your life and your in control. Take back what belongs to you and it will not be easy. You will get knock backs, but keep standing back up! You owe that to the most important person in this world and that is “you”!

How are you getting on achieving your goals for this year?

I’ve even planned for next year!

Have a lovely day and go and live dangerously for a change. Take some risks, gamble or do something that you wouldn’t normally do. Do it with respect though!

I have a busy day, yes have to make lots of phone calls! Then there is my boys! It’s hard work, but it will pay. Don’t stop until you reach the top of this amazing ladder!

Love and peace

Sara x

Anyone can do what ever there hearts desires, as long as you do it with respect and dignity. I have no qualifications or degrees to my name so don’t let nothing stop you! No excuses!

Be that change, yes start from within

To change the world, first you must change you. I have done that and that is why I named the book I wrote “Life does get better Peace within is found again.” It is amazing and the feeling is immense finding the real you. I am so lucky to have found inner peace in my 40’s. It can take someone a life time and still not find their inner peace.
First step look at your life and if something needs sorting, sort it. Second step love yourself first and only then will you be able to show love to others. Always be positive and give out unconditional love to anyone you may meet. Even love your enemy as one day they too will need guidance. You don’t have to tell them to their face just send out positive vibes.

All my words that I write are yours to keep. Read them with your heart and let your healing begin. They are a gift from God and wisdom from others before my time. I do feel blessed as spirit world never stop showing me how much they love me. I had some more amazing spiritual experiences last night. I did feel light as all the worries that I collect from your shoulders during the day were taken away. Every souls heart I touch you will forever be in my heart until my dying days.

Remember we all have come to this earth plane to learn different lessons. Let everyone run their own life how they choose! You can guide someone but they have their own path to follow their way so let them be.


Idea buzzing in my head

Got an idea buzzing in my head and you now what I’m going to act on it. Yes, I’m in control of my life and I’m not walking this path alone. My hand is held tight by my angels, guides and the support of you guys! You are all energy that give me the strength to do all this spiritual work. Thank you.

Have a blessed day and always push yourself to the next step. Have faith in you and you will get onto the next level.

Love and peace


There is a message in this photo, feel it!

I had an vision of me holding my hands out to God and asking for help. I sure got it and it came in feelings. Yes, through my gut and I listened to them thoughts. Then you have to act, yes I did and with tears. I am nearly there but have a few more steps to climb. My hand is held tight by my guides and they will not let go until I am ready to be free.