Never forget your journey, your path that you travelled on!

In life you should never forget your journey and the paths that you traveled on to get to where you are know. This was your journey and every step that you took has made you the person that you are today.

My journey, yes some parts I do wish to forget but if it means bringing peace into someone else’s life, no it shouldn’t be forgotten. My book will guide the next soul to the path of pure peace and that is my gift to the world. Ever since I spoke up, lots of loving souls have said that it has helped them. So if I only help one person I have done my job but I’m helping loads of people.

But today I really want to talk about my spiritual side and how I shouldn’t just put it to aside because I’m following Islam. If it wasn’t for the spiritual churches that offered me guidance when I was having my out of body experiences, I wouldn’t really be here today. Imagine your soul coming out your body for 20 years, it was the most frightening thing that I had experienced! Then the visits I had from the spirit world, which towards the end I did get used to them. The churches showed my how to protect and ground myself. I actually turned all the negativity happenings into positiveness!

I have not had any spiritual happenings lately but didn’t just want to dismiss what had happened in my life as there is so many good souls out there who are experiencing this. My book will guide anyone that is going through these experiences.

When your at your lowest in life, these things can take over but I want to reassure you that you can take control.

Sara Khan


Journey of life

We all have a journey in life, starting from that first breath to those steps onwards! We all have stories, and you never will get to the ending as life will never end. Along the way, you take them steps and they could be magical if you let them be or they could be filled with pain. The choice will always be yours as God gave us free will and we have a duty to ourselves to live an honest life. I said life never ends, even on your last breath your life will be played back to you. Now you choose what you wish to see, be it good or be it bad but the choice will be yours. If you want to be led away by angels and be surrounded by magical light, take them magical steps of life. Sara Khan