Lessons never stop coming

In life there will be many lessons sent your way, and there will always be reasons as to why! More teaching, learning and to progress further! But never blame the person delivering this message, as the lesson had to be learned! But the question is, what did you learn from the experience? This world is full of corruption and hatred. I now, as I face it on a regular basis. Why people can’t love and just get on, I will never now but that’s their choice, their destiny that they chose to live on mother earth. Yes, I’m different and I now I don’t fit in, but this is how I planned my destiny. Yes, I’ve put up a fight to become the person that I am today but I am proud to be me! We have done religion so won’t even go there! I was right on that too!

To find this divine within is so powerful and I do urge you to find it too but it does come with a price.

Remember all the answers that we search our within! Just needs you to dig deep and search.

Love and peace

Sara x


India’s Daughter and that Family Honour


What families would do for the sake of  “Family honour” no one truly knows until you lived through it! The pain, hurt and sadness that you have to go through to keep their precious honour intact. 

Some of the symptoms of family honour,being emotionally blackmailed drained with their lies of what will happen if you speak up! 

Family name is so important to them and they will do anything to protect it! 

Yes, they will watch you take over dose after over dose!  Watch as your stomach is pumped and still no help is offered! Slitting Cutting self harm does not make a difference,you can  cry and bleed as the pain would make you feel better! 
Families, yes that word families they should be there to protect and keep their blood safe! But no, Family Honour will always come first! 

Even the young or your siblings will disown you, you would think that in this day and age they would know better. In the end, mentally and physically drained with the torture you either live life their way ,or you break away! 

It is sad, when you have to walk away from your blood relatives to get that inner peace that you yearn for. In time, and with a fight you do get there. Those barriers of steal do get broken and you do get to see the light. 

They lost the daughter that they said they would protect and love forever and the world held out their hand and gained a daughter!


If anyone is living through this pain, sadness and honour! Be strong, find the strength and break free! It will be hard at first but with time, it will get easier. 

Yes, you will find the love within and you will start to respect the child within! Them deep cravings for your blood relatives and siblings will pass and in time will become a distant memory.

You will look at what you have got in front of your eyes and you will keep looking. That love will grow within and you will have some spare, lots of it! That spare love you will share with the world, as this inner peace that you feel isn’t for you to keep locked in, it’s to share!

So yes, life truly does get better and you do find that peace within.

Find the courage to break those barriers of steal and do send loving thoughts to everyone that said, they loved you as one day they too will need guidance. 

This book is her journey from the chains of ancient and traditional codes into the light of sincere faith and belief. And the knowledge that her journey can help others find their own path to freedom.

New path on my spiritual journey

Yes, being given a different direction on this wonderful path that I’m traveling on. More learning, with a different teacher and a new location. Hope was the word given to me, and it sure came in the words of hope. But I’m waiting on blessings from my other soul to be a yes! It’s very important that I get that. Life is going in the right direction and as always there will be obstacles but you keep going. Break them barriers of steal and you will see the ending of your life story.



I never believed in ” hope ” as I’m a person who does it! If you hope, your not really serious about your niche. Well guys, I was wrong as there is hope and my beloved God, Allah and the spirit world are looking after me as I take this vocation that I am on! All this hard work I have being doing, well I nearly had a nervous breakdown, you not going to believe this but I’m only human! I do have angels who are holding my hand as I travel this amazing journey in this life time. They was there for me once again, with that strong hand of support. So yes believe in you but don’t loose that hope. Every step of the way, you will be taken care of. So never stop asking them questions, and the answers will come. Even the answer came in the words of hope! That’s my next step, and I’m taking this journey slowly. Have a nice day, look after you first and only then can you look after others. Love and peace Sara

Dear angels and guides

I ask you to stand at my side as I send out loving prayers and thoughts of healing to the world. Let the love grow into peoples hearts and all that hate disappear. We the new light workers of the world will guide anyone that wants to stand with us on this mission that we have set ourselves in our destiny before we came to mother earth. This new resolution has already being written and we must follow it through. If we stand back and just watch we will have to relive this life again until it is done. Make this day of peace for the generations of our children to come.

I have entered all the names that have being given to me in my prayers book. If anyone wants their name added please email me with all the names and I don’t need to know why!

Peace will win this war and hatred


Earth Angel Sara

Why do you hate so much?

Why do you hate others so much, all this nastiness’ and dislike. We have all come to mother earth to live and learn lessons of life. Lessons that we ourselves have chosen to experience while on our paths.

We destined all these, we chose what to experience in the future that we chose. We chose every little thing that came to us, be it good or bad, it was our choice, we wanted to experience and feel pain or love but we wanted it to come our way.

Every step, every moment was our choice. All the tears, heartache, and love were the experiences that needed to learn from. We planned everything to the last minute, and we wrote it down and made it our destiny before we came onto mother earth!

We chose our parents, relatives and people that would come into our lives. We planned it all, it was our doing, and this was what we were to experience, something we need and want to live and learn from.

Yes, people have hurt you, learn to solve by taking the steps and in time you will overcome this.
Don’t forget the people that hurt you, they have their own fate too, and they have chosen that.
Don’t keep blaming others, hating others and sending negative thoughts to the people that you don’t get on with,

why does one do that!

As those that you hate are living their happy lives and unaware of your hatred for them.

The more hurt, and negative vibes that you send them, the more they will prosper as their name is on your breath. Forgive and live your life that you chose to experience, as this is what you wanted to learn from.

When others leave you, let them go as their lesson that they came to teach you is over and you continue on your path.
Just remember to say thank you as it was a lesson that came your way to teach you a valuable message.

Remember you will be answerable to God, when you return home so now it’s your turn, be ready to be judged!

Sara Khan

As your confidence grows don’t forget to look back

As your confidence grows don’t forget to look back at others who might need help. When you have established yourself and are very confident there will be others who look at what you do and just keep looking. What I say to them is be brave and join in. We all started from the bottom and we was like you once. You have to push yourself and just get out there and do what ever your heart desires. You too can get to the top but only you can make that happen. You will be surprised how many will hold out their hand and hold yours tight.

Be brave and step onto the ladder of success. We confident people will stop and answer your questions. So don’t be afraid to ask that question or two that you have.

Confidence does not just happen. You have to work at it and build them layers. It’s up to you how you progress but if someone offers their support be brave and accept. We all started from the bottom and built them layers.

I will be there for anyone that needs me and that is my word, so just ask!

Ask, believe and you will sure receive

Have a lovely evening, I’m still catching up with my emails. Tonight I need to practice my mediumship before my big night!

Love and peace

Sara Khan