Grandmother in the spirit world came to visit me at work today

I was sent so many souls my way at work today. Everyone that came to me, told me a little bit about their life. Their stories were so inspiring and they were so happy that I wanted to listen. Felt that I have helped so many people today by just listening. It’s really a good feeling knowing that you have touched hearts of strangers. A few people touched my hand, said thank you and it’s so true. I am amazing, and so real it’s unbelievable that people just come up to me and start pouring their heart out to me. Then a work college came to me and asked if I could pray for their loved ones who desperately needed prayers. I felt so blessed and honoured to be asked. As soon as I started to pray, I felt a gush of air all around my legs. Yes, spirit world was listening to me and sending much needed prayers out.

All throughout the day, souls came to me with their stories and I told them of mine. Yes, I always tell others about my adventures and where I am with life. Then, much to my surprise my grandmother in the spirit world came, making her known to me by the fragrance that I now her by. Yes, she is travelling with me on this amazing journey of my life.

I have had a blessed day myself and couldn’t shift this great big smile. Think it’s here to stay.
Thank you for reading and stay blessed always



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