That Hurt Deep Within


IMG_5066Had an amazing day, surrounded by my little family and not craving what once was. As I’ve learned that everyone that starts at the beginning of our life are only meant to teach us the lessons that we came to earth to experience and then we must let them go. You have to find the strength within and in time it will become an distant memory.

So to everyone that is hurting deep within and finding that there is no way out. There is always a way, you stand up for you, as after sorrow, that deep pain that you feel, there comes other rewards. They might not be in wealth but better then money will ever buy. You go out there and search for your answers. You ask questions and you keep asking until you get to the truth. Never ever give your life up for no one, that’s no one!

This message is for a girl that I’m helping that was raped at the age of 5 in a third world country where there is no help. She was a little innocent girl happily playing with her friends and a man snatched her from the street and raped her. I’ve tried my best to help her but she keeps coming to the conclusion that ending her life will be best. What does she do? What and where can she go? Money won’t buy her peace that she searches. Shes to frightened to talk to her family incase they too walk away. I can’t leave her as I know she is hurting so badly and trying her best to reach out for help.

What’s your advice to this girl that is ready to end her life?

Please pray for this sister as she searches for her answers.

Love Sara


Here is my interview with Sara Khan


Name Sara Khan

Age 47

Where are you from

I live in Yorkshire, England with my husband, who is my rock and has stood at my side in my fight for justice. We are the proud parents of two amazing young boys, who are our world and will protect forever. My blood family lost a daughter, sister and the world gained a mother figure.

As my 40th birthday was approaching I sat down and looked at memories of my life that was, that past and all those deep hidden tears that I shed silently behind closed doors.

They say life begins at 40 and that is exactly when my life started to take change. From that day, that precise moment I took that first step and started to work on my baby steps to put my past right. The tears that followed while I was sorting my past out was…

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Let The Past Go


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Do find the strength to close a few doors and then get ready to open the new ones that will be waiting for you to walk through. But do make sure that you hold that key in your palms to the door that you are going to firmly shut behide, as you really don’t want someone to come back into your life to reopen it, as it may well contain scars from the past to bite.

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